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Google Sidebar

August 22, 2005

from digg:

Google has just launched a new service called Sidebar, It will be used to display information on the desktop like email, RSS headlines, weather, stocks, and desktop search in addition to any other content the users are viewing like photos or websites, or even a scratch pad.

What I am wondering is: “where’s the mac version?”.
Though we on the mac have dashboard and konfabulator for our widget(like) needs, Googles desktop offerings like have been mostly WindowsXP-only which is a bit of shame.

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Flock has landed.

August 22, 2005

Flock has landed. Chris Messina and crew are working on , a social networking browser built upon Firefox. Features include drag and drop blogging, integrated with social networking services like flickr and This is very exciting besides firefox as a lightweight browser and tabbed browsing and supporting the w3c standards there has been little innovation in the browser area. Flock seems like a fitting browser for the Web2.0 era.

Joan Miro Museum

August 4, 2005

Joan Miro painting
Originally uploaded by mies.

People visiting Barcelona and who like contemporary art should (besides visiting the MACBA-CCCB contemporary art museum) visit the Joan Miro Fundacio located in the south-west of barcelona near the Olympic Pool. It is ddefinitely worth the trip and has a nice collection of art. I especially like more of his later work (late sixties and seventies).

Google calls for browser innovation

August 2, 2005

A lead Google engineer asks companies to take webbrowsers tot the next level according to I wonder since when did Google ask for anything? They must have a googlebrowser in the works. Not to agitate Microsoft on the browserfront they are probably not releasing it yet. Still it’s just a theory.

Cow Parade Cow

August 1, 2005

Cow Parade Cow
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This is a Cow Parade Cow called ‘urbanicvacbla’ it can be find in the Diagonal Mar shopping centre. It is designed by Gabriel Cohn. More Barcelona Cows can be found here.

Martin trying to smell the wifi

August 1, 2005

Martin trying to smell the wifi
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Though it’s great that there is wifi in our appartment in Barcelona, the signal wasn’t that strong. While trying to find a better signal, Martin is smelling the wifi.