God’s Machine


Tivo is in trouble, they are getting cost-compressed by other providers.

“The moral of the story: Sometimes you can accurately identify the next big thing in technology, flawlessly execute a plan to offer that technology, and still get squashed.”

‘Flawlessly executed’ is maybe an overstatement. DVR functionality is just a commodity (and became one in a short amount of time), value added services are the way to go. The question is, does Tivo have enough time for instance to execute a video on demand strategy together with netflix? As Jonathan Schwartz says, ‘I wouldn’t bet against the network operators’. Comcast has a strong position and is rolling out Tivo-like services for a lower price. A video on demand service could be a way to bypass the network operators. Some further TIvo reading on Forbes. Speaking of video on demand, this is also rather thought-provoking.


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