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Web Applications

December 3, 2004

I’m checking more and more into webbased apps like flickr and (in combination with gmail) and decided to switch completely to firefox on my powerbook. Though I really like the speed of safari and its more integrated ‘feel’ with osx, I like how firefox is building out into a platform. I have tried the Sage extension (an integrated RSS reader for Firefox) but find it lacking in quality to netnewswire though I like the idea of having firefox as a onestop shop. We’ll see how this one rolls out.


IBM leaving the PC business

December 3, 2004

Looks like IBM is leaving the PC business. Sounds like a good idea to me, as it is barely making them any money. And after all they want to be in the services business anyway.

Welcome to Flickr!

December 3, 2004

I got a Flickr! account. Really a wonderful piece of web software. I’m using the 1001 app to upload photos and it works like a charm. Looking forward to expanding my flickr photo library.